How many of you reading this, have contacted the RSPCA regarding wildlife and had a far from satisfactory outcome? Most of the people who speak to us about their experiences with the RSPCA regarding Wildlife have nothing good to say about them. Why is this?

We believe that the RSPCA who at the end of the day are just another charity, but have given themselves uniforms and are now a self styled animal police force. To give you an idea of how important they think they are, there national call centre phone number ends with 999. Yet 2013 figures released states that almost half of all the wildlife received is put to sleep. They have got to big and rich, in fact the richest animal charity in the UK by far and have lost touch with how the general public would like the RSPCA to care for our wildlife. Phoning up the RSPCA and trying to get them to attend wildlife casualties is very hit and miss, but mention that a film crew for a TV news company is here and the nice man in an official looking uniform will be there. Why is this?  The RSPCA want everyone to believe that they are the most caring animal charity in the UK and good publicity results in many donations. The RSPCA is in fact a VERY successful business and they are very cute and clever on TV but in reality where wildlife is concerned, all their actions are based on cost. We believe every type of wildlife should be given the second chance of a life in the wild regardless of cost and how much time is involved. 

Did you know for instance that it's the RSPCA's practice to euthanize any wildlife with eyes not yet open, Yes were talking about babies of all speces. Birds with a broken leg or wing and Animals with a broken leg are routinely euthanized as their considered not cost effective, and too time consuming. This organisation is still going strong, but only because the majority of the general public is completely unaware of these practices. I have heard that the RSPCA in some parts of the country seem to treat wildlife better than in other parts. I think what we have here, is differing interpretations of a standard RSPCA Policy directive for treating wildlife. 

I don't want anyone reading this to think this is a witch hunt of the RSPCA because they do some good work in other areas, but feel it important to bring to light some of the policies of this organisation regarding wildlife. With the right people at the head of the RSPCA they could be so much better, and i for one would encourage and support them all the way if they threw out their calculators and balance sheets and gave our wildlife the better care and treatment that the general public would have hoped they already receive.

Aprox 70% of calls to the RSPCA are wildlife related, so it would make sense for them to change some of their barbaric practices regarding wildlife and then they would really get the general public behind them. They have just 4 wildlife centres to cover the whole of the UK yet they have literally millions and more millions of donated money just sitting in banks earning even more money in interest. During 2013 quite incredibly the RSPCA received over 120 million pounds from donations from the general public, because the general public have no idea how this slick business operate. Give us just 1% of this total and We would open a wildlife rescue centre in Norfolk which could take in and help EVERY wildlife casualty from Norfolk and Suffolk. AND if we were running this organisation every county would have a large wildlife rescue centre. We owe it to our countries wildlife to help it as much as we can.                 

My message is just this, if you have no other choice but to have to use the RSPCA to pick up any sick, injured, orphaned or abandoned wildlife, assuming they actually turn up, find out exactly what they intend to do with it before handing it over, because the latest figures released from this organisation state that almost half the wildlife taken by the RSPCA are put to sleep. So quite frankly it would probably have a much better chance if it stayed with you.                         


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