A record number of 969 wildlife casualties were taken in during 2016, we also gave advice to over 1500 other cases. During the summer months we were stretched to the limit, which resulted in us having to refer some wildlife casualties to other rescue centers. We now have around 25 volunteers which help us out 9 am till around 12.30 pm. Each morning there are usually 4 to 5 of us doing the feeding and cleaning. We are planning a few more improvements during 2017, which will help us cater for the ever increasing wildlife casualties coming in to us. 

Foxy lodge wildlife rescue recieved a recognition certificate from the mayor of Great Yarmouth during April and during October we won an Animal Action Award by IFAW The International Fund For Animal welfare for winning the Wildlife Rescue Award.  The presentation took place at The House of Lords and The award was presented to us by Mr Bill Oddie and Baroness Gale. We both felt very honoured to recieve this International award and had a great day.         


January 2017  A nice quiet start to the year so a few more improvements to our facilities are taking place.

The pictures below show a signet being released early this month, He had been found by side of road in Filby, concussed, probably clipped by a car. He made a full recovery and was re released onto filby broad.       

February 2017     This month was over shadowed by us taking in our first  peregrine falcon which had been shot with a shotgun. Only 3 of the shot had hit him but sadly it was enough to kill him. This was someone who took a pot shot at him while flying because the shot wounds were in his breast area. Such a gorgeous bird and such a waste. We can only hope that the person who did this gets caught one day.     

March / April 2017   

*We now have the required licences to house/rear & release grey squirrels & Muntjac deer from Natural England the governing body. This is normally illegal but we wanted to extend our helping hand to include these lovely animals.*  

May 2017   Tonia who once fainted at the top of the Eiffel tower because she is scared of heights has just announced that she is prepared to do a sponsored skydive from 13,000 feet, thats 2 1/2 miles high. The reason is we need to raise at least £2000 for our new replacement baby bird nursery with 2 flight aviariesplanned for the end of the year to be ready for the 2018 season. The jump is planned for October 1st from Beccles airfield. Anyone out there who wishes to sponsor her can either find our just giving page or just phone your pledge to us on 01493 384237.  

June 2017   VERY  busy right now so will just show a few pictures. We had our busiest June ever with 173 wildlife casualties admitted just this month alone.

July 2017     We are currently over 150 casualties up year on year making this our busiest year yet with yearly total admittance casualties expected to be over 1100. We also made a record during 1 week of this month. We admitted 53 wildlife casualties in 1 week but this is not the record, the record we made was very bad because we only took £15 in donations for the 53 casualties admitted. We do not normally harp on about finances but even we can't offer the services to wildlife which we currently give year in year out on almost no donations. Interestingly while on this subject it seems the more expensive the transport that casualties arrives in, the LESS chance of a donation?  Ok moan over and we will get back to doing what we do best, running a busy wildlife rescue centre.

August & Sept 2017    We needed around £2,250 to replace our baby bird nursery together with 2 flight aviaries which is planned for this winter in time for the 2018 baby bird season. Tonia did her sponsored 13,000 feet skydive at Beccles parachute and skydive center on Friday the 29th Sept. The monies are not all collected yet but the grand total should be a little over £3000 so a little spare for the day to day costs as well. She has said this will never happen again because she has always hated heights but did the jump for Foxy lodge. On landing she was sick and felt sick for the rest of the day. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored Tonia for making the jump. Still busy taking in lots of wildlife casualties. 

OCTOBER 2016  This month John & Tonia were presented with an Animal Action Award by IFAW The International Fund For Animal welfare for winning the Wildlife Rescue Award.  The presentation took place at The House of Lords and The award was presented to us by Mr Bill Oddie and Baroness Gale. We both felt very honoured to recieve this International award and had a great day.        

OCTOBER 2016 Part 2!  The other big news this month is about Nelson our bald and cuddly hedgehog. We took Nelson in 18 months ago as a young adult, almost but not quite bald. He has always been Tonias & several of our volunteers favourite little boy. It was not until he was included in a tv interview in conection with the above award that all of a sudden he started to get alot of media attention. Nelson recieves a daily massage with Almond oil to keep his skin soft and supple because his skin is prone to getting dry and a little flakey. We believe his condition will now be permenant and caused by some trauma he suffered before he was picked up and bought to us. Normally spike loss is down to Mites & Mange which is easily treatable with a course of Ivermectin over a 3 week period but Nelson was clear. We have as a precaution given him the treatment but this made no difference. Picture of Nelson below.
NOVEMBER 2016  This month we have started to take down our largest aviary which was 8 years old. This aviary was well used but starting to look a bit tired. The new replacement is now underway and hopefully will be completed by the middle of December. This new facility will take up the same ground space but is being designed to accomadate a more diverse range of wildlife. I will take a few pictures to show the progress of this new build which is being done by ourselves to keep costs to a minimum and make sure it is done to our satisfaction.
DECEMBER 2016   What a busy and eventful year! The new enclosure featured above is now fully completed and ready to use. We would like to thank all our supporters, helpers, donators and volunteers because without all of you we would not be able to help as many wildlife casualties that we do. The total wildlife casualties taken in this year was 969. We also gave advice to over 1500 other wildlife related questions. On some days during the busy summer season we took upto 20 calls a day. Happy new year to you all and we look forward to your kind support again during 2017.
Thanks again from John & Tonia. 

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