COVID 19 is affecting us all and a few changes have had to be made regarding the operation here at Foxy Lodge during these difficult times.

Firstly it's just John & Tonia keeping Foxy running as we have no volunteers. We also have no fund raising activities. We are trying to keep Foxy Lodge both managable and affordable. As a result we will not be able to take in the same amount of wildlife casualties as we normally do. 

We already have around 70 wildlife residents in our care as of the begining of this year.

We will take in and help as many wildlife casualties as we can, but the workload for just 2 people and virtually no money coming in will seriously restrict us.

We rarely get much spare time so some things, like keeping this website updated will take a back seat, as will giving updates to people who bring in a wildlife casualty.  

Stay safe everyone from John & Tonia


February 2021   

10,000th Wildlife casualty taken in by us

We are into our 13th year and this Pigeon was number 10,000.

He lost many of his primary flight feathers due to a cat attack and will be moved to a flight aviary soon while he re-grows his flight feathers over the coming months prior to releasing back into the wild.

Many thanks to everyone who supports us.

John & Tonia

JULY 2021  Will update asap with pictures of all the babies and casualties we have in our care.

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