MARCH 23rd 2022  

Due to illness It is with regret that after 13.5 years that Foxy lodge wildlife rescue will not take in any more new wildlife casualties and become a Closed Sanctuary for the many Wildlife residents which can not be released, to enable them to live there lives out with us. 

We would like to thank everyone that has given us support over the years, and also like to say that the 65 wildlife residents which can not be released will still be fed and very well cared for. It has been a very hectic roller-Coaster ride for us and it has taken it's toll on us both.

If anyone still wishes to help us then we would be very grateful for Bird seed, Tins of Cat/Dog food and cat biscuits and Money, because the Closed Sanctuary will still cost around £5,000 each year to feed everything.

During our 13.5 years we took in 11,027 Wildlife Casualties of which 65 have to remain in our care.

Best wishes

John & Tonia

February 2021   

10,000th Wildlife casualty taken in by us

We are into our 13th year and this Pigeon was number 10,000.

He lost many of his primary flight feathers due to a cat attack and will be moved to a flight aviary soon while he re-grows his flight feathers over the coming months prior to releasing back into the wild.

Many thanks to everyone who supports us.

John & Tonia

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