1088 wildlife casualties were taken in during 2018, we also gave advice to over 2500 other cases. During the summer months we were stretched to the limit, which resulted in us having to refer some wildlife casualties to other rescue centres. We have around 20 volunteers which help us out 9 am till around 11.30 pm. Each morning there are usually 4 to 5 of us doing the feeding and cleaning with John & Tonia continuing on for the rest of the day maintaining the feeding, ordering & the 101 other things necessary for the smooth operation of the rescue centre. 

Many thanks to our supporters who Fund raise, or donate money, towels, sheets, tinned cat/dog food and cat biscuits etc etc, without who's help we would be unable to keep Foxy lodge running. We have lost several regular paypal donators leading up to xmas but hopefully we may pick up a few new donators this year. 


January 2020   


COVID 19 is affecting us all and a few changes have had to be made regarding the operation here at Foxy Lodge during these difficult times.

Firstly it's just John & Tonia keeping Foxy running as we have no volunteers. We also have no fund raising activities. We are trying to keep Foxy Lodge both managable and affordable. As a result we will not be able to take in the same amount of wildlife casualties as we normally do at this time of year.

We already have around 70 wildlife residents in our care as of 22/04/2020. 

We will take in and help as many wildlife casualties as we can, but the workload for just 2 people and virtually no money coming in will seriously restrict us.

We have noticed that due to the lack of traffic on our roads since lockdown, much less wildlife than normal is being killed or injured by being hit by vehicles, so that at least is great news. 

Stay safe everyone from John & Tonia 

February/March 2019   Here is a snapshot of Foxy lodge on Saturday morning the 23rd of March using the pictures below. 

APRIL 2019  The babies have started arriving.

MAY & JUNE 2019     Very busy as always with the wildlife casualties coming into our care thick and fast. Pictures below were taken as a snapshot of what is happening here at Foxy lodge on 10th June mid day when all the initial cleaning and feeding had taken place. 

JULY 2019   By far our busiest July since starting foxy lodge 11 years ago. Just to give you a taster of what its like here at this time of year: Virtually nobody gives a donation with the casualties that we take in, The phone goes around 20-30 times a day with questions, queries & advice wanted from all over the country including calls from Scotland, Wales & Ireland. We get calls all through the night which  now forces us to unplug the phone at bed time to get a good nights sleep so at least we can still function the following day. Please do not read this the wrong way, we are not complaining, we want to help as many wildlife casualties as is humanly possible, but we can not afford to burn out because this area needs foxy lodge wildlife rescue. The figures are huge this month with food bills to make your eyes water and a 2019 total wildlife casualty intake looking to be around the 1200 figure. If anyone reading this is able to donate a few pounds or some tinned cat/dog food, towels, blankets, sheets, good quality items to sell to raise funds we would love to here from you. Many thanks John & Tonia. 

AUGUST 2019  We are having the busiest summer since we started 11 years ago. We have not even had the time to take photos sorry. More worrying is the fact we usually have regular garage sales of donated items to help raise funds but so far this year we have only found the time to have just 1, Obviously we need the income from these garage sales to help with the costs but the wildlife coming in needing feeding, cleaning, care and treatment has to take priority and we will have to worry about the costs later. We have a garage full of good quality items needing to be transformed into usable cash so if anyone can help in this department you would be a godsend. The holiday makers are about for maybe another 4 or 5 weeks so time is fast running out. Call us on 01493 384237 John & Tonia

So what do you do with a Mink coat at a wildlife rescue centre? Well you use it to benefit some of the wildlife casualties in our care, in this case it's Seagulls. In our opinion it's a fitting end for this coat even though it was probably very expensive when purchased from Harrods in London.

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER/NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2019.  Apologies for lack of updates but it has been very busy for us this year. At the end of December we will give end of year figures. A few new pictures below.

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