1045 wildlife casualties were taken in during 2018, we also gave advice to over 2000 other cases. During the summer months we were stretched to the limit, which resulted in us having to refer some wildlife casualties to other rescue centres. We have around 20 volunteers which help us out 9 am till around 11.30 pm. Each morning there are usually 4 to 5 of us doing the feeding and cleaning with John & Tonia continuing on for the rest of the day maintaining the feeding, ordering & the 101 other things necessary for the smooth operation of the rescue centre. 


January 2019   Natural England who issue the licences to rear and release certain non indigenous species such as grey squirrels and Muntjac deer contacted us in mid December 2018 to inform us and every other licence holder that all licences will be null and void on 31st December 2018. and will not be renewed. We have all been given extensions to take us through till 28th March 2019 To give us time to release any over wintered squirrels. 

There are 49 species of wildlife on the list but the common ones for us are the muntjac deer and grey squirrels which we held licences for. Natural England sent us a long email explaining all the details and ultimately want all rescue centres to take any of the effected species to the vets to be put to sleep. This includes all the fit and healthy babies which just need rearing before releasing.

If you know or can imagine how beautiful baby squirrels and muntjac deer are when very young, then you may just get an idea how this news sits with us. Yes we are angry but there is a fine of up to £5000 and / or up to 6 months in prison for anyone caught rearing and releasing them. This may also effectively close the rescue centre in question. 

These animals did not ask to be introduced to the UK and as a result we are now supposed to murder them when they need us most?  Below are a baby grey squirrel and a baby muntjac deer. Most people would find it hard having these babies put to sleep, so imagine people like ourselves who have dedicated the last 11 years of our lives helping ALL wildlife being forced into such a barbaric position.         

February 2019   

March 2018  Finally after months of fund raising leading to Tonia's sponsored skydive late last year our new double aviary and baby bird nursery has been completed. A big thank you to everyone who sponsored Tonia raising a little over £3000 which was enough to cover all the costs of this new facility.

April/May 2018   Very busy time of year with lots of babies arriving on a daily basis. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what is happening here right now.

June & July 2018     Very busy as always with the wildlife casualties coming into our care thick and fast. Pictures below are 2 interesting rare casualties as well as a little owl. The top picture is of a Peregrine falcon from Cantley sugarbeet factory which was found on the ground. Wings and legs ok so think he misjudged a landing and concussed itself. Its mate awaits for its hopefully early return. This is only the second Peregrine falcon we have taken in during our 10 years. The second picture is a fledgling Cuckoo also only the second cuckoo we have taken in, in 10 years. 

August 2018  A plea to all our supporters and followers, We have had the worst 4 months since starting our rescue centre 10 years ago for lack of donations. Most wildlife casualties are coming in to us with no donation, and we fear we will not be able to offer the service we provide for much longer without a substantial boost to our finances.  We are asking for monetary donations and very good donated items for us to sell to raise much needed funds. The sort of items needed would be flat screen tv's fridges, freezers, hi-fi radio's vac's etc. We can not make any money from books, jigsaws, & brick o brack and odds of ends of glasses and crockery etc. We have been rescuing wildlife for just over 10 years and currently take in over 1000 casualties every year. We would love to carry on for years to come but ultimately have been hit hard with income not even close to our outgoings at this our busiest and most expensive time of year, and we are asking for your help. Foxy lodge is in your hands. 

Just as i am writing this sad message at 8.30 pm well after we officially close its quite upsetting that a young pigeon is bought to our door without a prior phone call caught and hurt by there own cat and arrive in an expensive car but not even much of a thank you and yet again no donation. If you can help us help the wildlife then please get in touch, as we seriously need some help. Every penny of donated money goes direct to the wildlife. We pay no wages have no overheads all we need is enough money to pay for all the foods and medications and vets bills etc.  Thank you John & Tonia           

September / October 2018   Thanks to everyone who responded to our plea in August. As a result we are confident that Foxy lodge's future is looking brighter.

We have taken in just over 900 wildlife casualties up to 22nd October this year so far and fully expect the total for the year to be close to last years figure of 1056. We also find ourselves giving advice on casualties from further afield than usual, with a call about an injured fox in Belfast, Northern Ireland the furthest so far.

We are pleased to say that all of our original aviaries & enclosures which were over 10 years old have over the last 3 years all now been replaced with new 2nd generation set ups. The last 2 were completed earlier this year. We could not have done all this without the help and support of the people who have made donations to foxy lodge to enable us to finance this project. A very big thank you to everyone who helped us by giving donations. 

November & December 2018  We are nearing the end of yet another very busy year and have already made a new years resolution to take more pictures for our website. We want to thank every ones support throughout the year and say thank you to our volunteers, fund raisers & donator's, without who's help we would not be able to run Foxy lodge wildlife rescue. The total wildlife casualties admitted during 2018 is over 1000 again and on 31st December will give the exact figures. We are now into our 11th year and looking forward to 2019. Kind regards from  John & Tonia 
The picture below is of our dog Roxy who has been a mother to so many animals over the 8 years we have had her, including fox cubs, baby deer and even ducklings. We took this picture a week away from Xmas with Roxy who had got in the cage to be with her new baby. We took this young chicken in on bonfire night aged aprox 2 weeks old who was found walking down a road late at night. The chicken has been reared in our kitchen due to the very cold weather and when this picture was taken the chicken was 7 weeks old. 

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